By David Henry Hwang
Directed by Héctor Flores Komatsu
With: Graham Techler, Caitlin Cisco, Avery DiUbaldo, Jingchen Wu
Isa Zhang, Justin Wong, Ping Guo, Tian Tian, & Linsen Li.

October 2013
Duderstadt Video Studio – Ann Arbor, MI

Yaqi Ge (Director of Photography), Clarisza Runtung (Asst. Director), Gerui Wang (Art Consultant), Yu Yan (Sociocultural Consultant), Yiwen Zhou (Linguistic Consultant), Shuai Niu (Chinese Drama Consultant), Kayleigh Laymon (Stage Manager), Alexis Breese (Asst. Stage Manager), Peter Shin (Poster Designer), Mayumi Kimura (Music Composer), Liz Williams (Lighting Designer), Isaac Levine (Sound Designer), Chen Hao (Chinese Watercolors), Peter Leonard (Music Recording Engineering).

Sponsored by Prof. Joseph Lam at the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan.
Associate Producer – Carlos Chou

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Original music composed by Mayumi Kimura, featuring traditional Chinese instruments:

With: Victor Huls (Cello), Xiaodong Wei (Erhu & Guzheng), Gabriel Wilk (Guitar), Evan Dahan (Vibraphone) & Evan Saddler (Percussion), Noniko Hsu (Dizi).

..a sharp and hilarious comedy about the challenges of communication across languages and culture. It’s about the struggle to connect as people, and the universal human desire to understand and be understood. The play follows an American businessman who’s desperately seeking to land a lucrative business deal in China’s booming economic market. After continuous misunderstandings, shady arrangements, and an affair with a secretive Chinese woman, he learns that there is much to be lost, and found, in translation.