Milenio: “all of us astonished by the wonder we'd just experienced… “



is a theatre creation about the lives of indigenous youth in México, devised collectively through personal anecdotes, ancestral myths, as well as traditional music and art forms.

The play shines light on a range of realities — land usurpation, widespread violence, ancestral duties, community resistance, — that indigenous people face at the crossroads of modern life and tradition.

Meaning “pathways,”Andares is a genuine, eye-opening, and intimate close-up on Mexico’s most remote corners and the extraordinary stories of its humble, everyday inhabitants.

directed by Héctor Flores Komatsu
With: Josué Maychi, Alexis Orozco, Lupe de la Cruz & Kaleb Oseguera León

Previously with: Luciano Maxa Temai, Raymundo Pavón Lozano & Kevin Elí Leyva
Ricardo Sierra (Asst. Director)

Premiered August 2016
Cuernavaca, Morelos, México


is a theatre ensemble dedicated to creating original works about the narratives and theatricalities of Mexico’s indigenous people, touching with keen, artistic sensibility themes of great social, cultural, and human value.

Meaning “wayfarer” in the language of the Wixarika people, Makuyeika was formed after an extensive search across the country’s indigenous communities, a project undertaken by our director as an inaugural recipient of The Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship.

Mexico City: Centro Cultural del Bosque INBA. Benito Juarez Theatre, Sistema de Teatros CDMX. Teatro La Capilla, Coyoacán. Centro Cultural del Bosque INBA, Teatro Sergio Magaña for the National Theatre Showcase (Muestra Nacional de Teatro) of 2018. Yucatan: Teatro La Rendija, Mérida & Tecoh. Campeche: Teatro Juan de la Cabada, Campeche. Tinún. Morelos: Centro Cultural Teopanzolco, Cuernavaca. Oaxaca: Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Juchitán de Zaragoza, Teotitlán de Valle, San Pablo Guelatao, and at La Locomotora Escénica in Oaxaca City. 

China: Wuzhen Theatre Festival.

MNT: “a finely woven narrative that leads you from laughter to tears, from reflection to catharsis…”

El Universal: “capable of revealing unsuspected sorrows in the audience”